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Article de The Advocate

Anaïs Pitalier invitée au Salon des Arts de Deloraine, en Australie.

Anais Pitalier, of France, came to the Deloraine Craft Fair last year and said it was quite successful, so when she was invited again this year, she couldn't say no.

Miss Pitalier's art focuses on authentic reproductions of historically significant artworks by artists from the Italian and French Middle Ages - one such artist includes the great Leonardo da Vinci.

Not only does she do reproductions of paintings, but she also specialises in restoring wood sculptures and frames. 

"For me, the craft fair will always hold a special place in my heart,'' Miss Pitalier said.

"The whole experience reflects what Rotary is all about. 

"It works locally and internationally, it promotes fellowship and cultural exchange, it creates opportunities for those who might not otherwise be able to have the opportunity and it engenders creativity for the betterment of all.''


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